A Great Friend

I have this friend that I have looked at as a role model for a while now. She is always smiling, giving encouragement, and being bubbly. I never understood how someone could be so happy all the time, but I wanted to be that person.
However, we have been getting a lot closer this year, and I realized that she has actually been putting up with a lot at school and at home. This smiling, encouraging, bubbly friend was in need of what she has been gifting me for years; she needed some encouragement.
Yesterday this friend sent me a text message that brought me to tears. The text message was

I was just thinking about you! I was admiring your ability to maintain your faith in difficult times. I wish I could be like you.

This text message made me realize two things.
1. That one of my best friends was struggling more than she let on, and I was in the wrong by assuming that she was handling the situations better than I would be able to handle them. That she needs someone to let her know that she is an amazing friend and encouraging person in my life.
2. I was a witness for God to someone in my life. I have allowed God’s light to shine through me to others even when I have a cloud of darkness surrounding me due to issues at home. I am not lagging in my faith as much as I thought I was. This was a realization that I much needed.

I believe that I can speak for the both of us by saying that we have a very mutual relationship. We definitely need each other’s strength in order to make it through each and every day. I have no idea where I would be without the continuous encouragement from one of my best friends.

If you ever read this Hannah… Thank you for always putting up with me and being a great friend!


List of what I am grateful of…

Okay, in my previous post I asked if there was anything anybody would like to see me post… I got two answers. More mustache pics (which I promise there will be more in the near future), and a list of things I am grateful for. Well here is my list and stories and all that good stuff :).!

1). To have such a loving and caring church family. My church family is always there for me. Anything I need I can go to any single one of them. They also enjoy giving me gifts all the time including clothes and baked goods!! Yum!

2). To have a group of friends that are there for me through everything. There are two friends that I have been friends with since fifth grade. We have been through a lot together, and they are always giving me a place to stay and cool off when I need it or just an ear to listen to my many rants. Without them I would be the biggest loner out there :).

3). Of course waking up each day and viewing this beautiful world that we are blessed with. Thank God for that.

4). The opportunity to get a good education and in turn the brains to get good grades. I have only once ever had anything below a 90 on a report card. I will admit when I saw that 89… I cried. (But don’t tell anybody!!) School is always my top priority!

5). I have two main churches within walking distance from my house. My parents don’t go to church, so I’m on my own when it comes to getting myself to church every Sunday. My church, which is like two minutes from my house and then the main church in my charge about a half hour walk from my house about fifteen on bike.

6). To still have my left arm… You may ask why… So, I shall tell you. In sixth grade, a whole whopping five years ago, I was out at recess acting cool in front of a group of cute guys because why not. I was in front of the monkey bars and decided instead of going across like I was supposed to, I would swing from one side to the other. I jumped up to grab one of the big bars (doctors says this is when I dislocated my humorous bone from my left shoulder.) I then reached with my right arm to the next bar putting all my weight on my dislocated arm… Not a good idea. I then fell and boom, crash. Left elbow smacked right off of the ground. Completely smashed it! A giant hole where my elbow should have been. 89% chance of losing my arm. Instead I lost 3 degrees of movement… NOT EVEN NOTICEABLE! Another thank God moment.

7). My family might not be rich, but we have all the necessities that one might need. We have food, water, a nice house, electricity, plumbing, and a car. What more could we ask for?

8). My sister. As much as we fight and tell each other that we wish each other didn’t exist, we always end the day telling each other we love each other. Anytime there’s fighting going on we are in my room holding each other telling funny stories until its over. Without her I would be nowhere close to the person I am today!

9). An adult that is always there to talk to when I am scared. One being my Pastor. We have long random talks on most nights. I love knowing that’s she is here for me. Second being my moms “friend” we text every night and when fighting starts we talk on the phone sometimes. I put friend in “” because they fight more than siblings do… But always come back to being friends.

10). Even though my home life is tough and a lot of the time scary, my mom is an amazing, caring, loving person. She always wants what is best for us. She’s the reason I haven’t taken my Nan’s offer to live with her. She keeps me the person I know I should be.

11). Last year my Pastor announced she had a brain tumor. Us being so close, I instantly began crying. She had to get surgery, so seven months of her not able to preach. Longest seven months ever (think I can speak for the both of us on that one). But during these seven months the whole congregation took turns making her supper and giving scripture at church. It made me realize how we really can come together and do such great things.

Okay… So that’s not even near the full list of things I am grateful for. I mean I could go on for hours, but I think this list really sums up some good points. Before I end this post I was asked another question that I have been thinking about hard since I have read it. What is one quality or personality or talent that I posses that I am grateful for?

I have never been asked a question like this before, so it took a lot of thinking to come up with a good answer that I was satisfied with. So here it is…

Personality… I am or I see myself as a caring person. I get attached to people very easily. Most people may see this as a bad thing, but it makes making friends a lot easier. I’m grateful to be this way because it allows me to make new friends and also family. People who I can trust. It also allows me to reach out and help those who I think need help… Which is a good quality to have correct?

Talent… I can write songs and draw decently well. I have been writing songs since fifth grade. Most of them are kinda depressing, but to me that’s easier to write about. I do have some up beat, happy go lucky songs as well. I realized I could draw well about five years ago. I was looking at a coloring book picture and I thought to myself ” hey this is a cool picture” and started to draw it. When I was done it looked almost identical to the picture in the coloring book. My aunt was just as surprised as I was. Now I have sketch books filled with sketches. These two talents make it easy to express my feelings in ways that most people can’t.

So, I hope that Lisahasopinions4u that you thought this was a satisfying post just as much as I thought it was, and Vinny I promise I will put more mustache pictures up soon!

I am leaving to go camping tomorrow and will not be back until Sunday, so that means no posting until Sunday. Hope this is a good post to end with for now. If I decide its not I will post before I leave tomorrow. :).