Realizing Everything is Going Wrong

Have you ever realized how in just a few weeks people can disappear out of your life? How things can change dramatically? Wanting everything to rewind just isn’t working.
My last post was a happy one at the beach right? No fighting. I was happy.

Yeah, well that has crashed down real quick… My parents now scream at each other as they walk through the door, scream at each other when a phone goes off, and even scream at each other because they’re screaming at each other. Like can you not?!?
They yell at my sister and I for our little arguments that we have, but haven’t they realized maybe that’s all we know. Because that is all they do?.
My moms best friend is like a mom to me. She is my best friend and is always there for me. Now she isn’t allowed at my house, and I’m not supposed to talk to her. Well that’s a heck of a change. How am I supposed to go from telling everything to someone to never seeing them or talking to them again?
I believe it’s finally time to start disagreeing with my parents. Something has got to change here. There’s obviously something wrong, and they are punishing everyone else for it instead of themselves.
Is it really that hard to stop drinking? Is it really that hard to stop fighting? Is it really that hard to understand me?

Comment if you can relate.


Beach vacation part one!!!

I was really nervous to be going on vacation because my parents have been fighting a lot, but so far the vacation has been great! We haven’t even been here 48 hours and I feel like we have done so much! Plus I have bought a lot of cool stuff.
Yesterday we hung out at the beach and went shopping. Then we went on a haunted tour which was pretty scary. Today we went to the beach, sat through a meeting and then went to my favorite restaurant Captain George’s. I also got my cartlidge pierced today.
On a good note, my parents didn’t fight the whole trip! I am hoping that maybe a good vacation is what they needed in order better understand each other and quit fighting. I guess we will find out soon.

Saying Our Goodbyes (Last day of UB)

Today was a day filled with joy, sadness, and a quick feeling of missing all of the newly made friends. Today was the day that went by too fast for anyone to realize that it was really happening. Today was the last day of Upward Bound Summer Academy 2014.
I made so many new friends and memories while I attended this program. I knew that six weeks couldn’t last forever no matter how much I really wanted them too. As I gave out hugs to say goodbye, tears were instantly flowing down my face.
I find it amazing how in a group of close to if not 80 kids, one can be themselves and still be accepted by everyone. Nobody disliked another student. No one person was left out in a group. No one person didn’t make the exact same friends as another.
I am glad to be home in my own bed watching over my little sister, but I will definitely miss the support system I have found in my Upward Bound family. This was definitely a summer that I will never forget.

Scared like crazy!

So, I have the option to donate blood for the first time today! I really want to donate blood, but I hate needles. And I have my period… Does that affect anything, are they going to tell me that I can’t donate now?!

Am I going to pass out during or after donating? Ahh, I think I am way over thinking this whole thing. Someone talk me out of being so nervous please!

Upward Bound!

I am the type of girl that would rather stay on the couch at my house and watch Netflix than go out and meet new people. Always afraid of being hurt in the long run, rather than excited to make some life long friends. Being in the Upward Bound club at my school, all rising seniors are required to go this summer Program at Penn State. I immediately did not want to go. Hanging out with a bunch of people that I barely knew for six weeks, no thanks.

My mom finally convinced me to try it out, Maybe I would end up to like it in the end. Of course, once again, my mother was right! There is only one week left, and I do not want this to end. I have made so many new friends already. I also met a really nice boy that turned out to like me back, That’s right out of this whole experience, I even got a new boyfriend.

Classes four times a week, barely any sleep, and a bunch of people that I did not know none of this sounded fun too me. I was definitely proven wrong! I absolutely love it here. Today, I go home for the weekend and get to relax before coming back for the last week. The last week consists of college tours, a blood drive, and even a trip to Pittsburgh.

I am beyond proud of myself for getting my butt up off of the couch and trying something new for a change. I earned some great friends and even a great boyfriend from all the torturous events that we went through.

The next time that you have the option to meet with a large group of people for how ever long, Take it! You never know what might come from the experience no matter how torturous the experience may seem at first.


Spirit week!

So, this past week in school was spirit week. I don’t normally get all into spirit week. Don’t get me wrong I always participate, but I don’t normally get all into it.

This year was a little different. I saw crazy hair day and instantly got pumped! I was beyond excited. To make it even better, I had no Idea why I was so excited over making myself look like a complete fool. But I was.

I got on Pinterest and really did some searching until I found it. The perfect hair for crazy hair day….


Yeah, that hair style right there… Won first place!!!!!!!! Haha! I am going to be in the year book looking that good. :). One can only imagine how awesome I am.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Okay, my one friend has always been watching anime. I never knew how amazing it really was until I started to watch Fullmetal Alchemist. I absolutely love the plot and, of course, the characters. I now have a huge list of must watch anime and much read manga. I never thought that they would be so good, but they absolutely are.

Anybody out there watch anime or read manga and have any suggestions? I am definitely open to all suggestions. To be honest I am super siked to hear some of the suggestions.

Oh… And if anybody else absolutely loves fullmetal Alchemist, please comment your favorite episode!! 🙂 Thanks!