Lenten Services Wrapped all into One Night…

Yesterday, March 6, was my Youth Group’s overnighter/time of fasting. I look forward to this even every year, and it definitely wasn’t a let down this year!
I was slightly worried when my pastor announced that she wasn’t going to set up rotation centers like she has in the past. Plus a lot of the youth said they weren’t going this year. However, this year was probably one of the best!
Instead of rotations, we had five mini-services throughout the night. We had a service for Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and of course Easter Sunday.

Ash Wednesday Service: My pastor reenacted an Ash Wednesday service, and she even rubbed the ashes on our foreheads. This was an awesome experience, especially since I have never attended an Ash Wednesday service before.

Palm Sunday Service: We drew our hand on a piece of paper, and inside of our hand we wrote our confessions. On another piece of paper we wrote our prayer concerns. While listening to scripture, we shredded the paper with our hands on it, and we lied the paper with our prayer requests on the alter. Another touching time.

Maundy Thursday Service: For this service we listened to more scripture, and then we washed each other’s feet. Some in my youth group didn’t take this very serious; however, I enjoyed the symbolic nature of this service.

Good Friday Service: Before this service, my pastor marked out 15 pieces of scripture and set out 15 “stations of the cross” pictures. Each member of the youth was assigned a number, so we could hear the story from different voices.

Easter Sunday: This service was actually this morning. When we all woke up and had everything situated for the day, we had an Easter service. There were candles lit and we even had communion. A great service all in all. A great way to end our fast as well.

The services along with the ping pong tournament, we didn’t really have time to be hungry. We played ping pong for hours on end. I don’t think anyone even thought about sleep until midnight, but we were all up by eight this morning.
When we got up, we had a surprise visiter. A baby! She was absolutely adorable. I got to hold her and keep her occupied for most of the morning.

I am incredibly sad that this is my last year in youth group because that was also my last overnighter with the youth. A great way to have a last overnighter!


Teachers or Angels

As most of you know, I am a senior this year. (Crazy, I know!). Throughout my entire school life, I have never disliked a teacher. This year is the same way. However, I have become extremely close with three specific teachers this year due to a problem at home that they all care so much about.

Boy, am I glad that these three teachers care so much about me!

First is my Upward Bound advisor/Previous Chemistry teacher. I have known her since 9th grade, and have felt pretty close to her ever since. I look up to her as a mother figure. I go to her room everyday before first period, during my lunch, and again after school. I can seriously tell her anything, and she gives the best advice ever. We now even have our own inside jokes… Iron snails and being on the football team! I definitely tell her more than I do anyone else.

Second, my precious History teacher/my sociology teacher. She is just absolutely amazing! She noticed I wasn’t being the me she remembers and then from then on has listened to my complaining. She has given me random challenges to make me feel better.

Third, My elementary school librarian/another mom. I have been a library helped for a while now. One day I mentioned that I haven’t cried yet today… Then I slowly began talking to her as well. Now I always feel like I am a pain in the butt to her because I go to her room during any free period, after school, even on inservice days. She has been a big help as well. She also gives great advice. She also talks me out of some of the crazy things I am going to do.

Kids now a days have absolutely no respect for teachers, but I thank these teachers on a daily basis. Without them, I do not know how I would make it through a school day. I can go to any one of them and just sit in their rooms and they don’t mind. Even when I feel like I am being a pain in the butt, they assure me I am always welcome. :).

If I had to say so, teachers are angels sent to teach us, guide us, and comfort us. Therefore, if you are one who disrespects a teacher, please think again. They do more than you think.

Beach vacation part one!!!

I was really nervous to be going on vacation because my parents have been fighting a lot, but so far the vacation has been great! We haven’t even been here 48 hours and I feel like we have done so much! Plus I have bought a lot of cool stuff.
Yesterday we hung out at the beach and went shopping. Then we went on a haunted tour which was pretty scary. Today we went to the beach, sat through a meeting and then went to my favorite restaurant Captain George’s. I also got my cartlidge pierced today.
On a good note, my parents didn’t fight the whole trip! I am hoping that maybe a good vacation is what they needed in order better understand each other and quit fighting. I guess we will find out soon.

Scared like crazy!

So, I have the option to donate blood for the first time today! I really want to donate blood, but I hate needles. And I have my period… Does that affect anything, are they going to tell me that I can’t donate now?!

Am I going to pass out during or after donating? Ahh, I think I am way over thinking this whole thing. Someone talk me out of being so nervous please!

Spirit week!

So, this past week in school was spirit week. I don’t normally get all into spirit week. Don’t get me wrong I always participate, but I don’t normally get all into it.

This year was a little different. I saw crazy hair day and instantly got pumped! I was beyond excited. To make it even better, I had no Idea why I was so excited over making myself look like a complete fool. But I was.

I got on Pinterest and really did some searching until I found it. The perfect hair for crazy hair day….


Yeah, that hair style right there… Won first place!!!!!!!! Haha! I am going to be in the year book looking that good. :). One can only imagine how awesome I am.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Okay, my one friend has always been watching anime. I never knew how amazing it really was until I started to watch Fullmetal Alchemist. I absolutely love the plot and, of course, the characters. I now have a huge list of must watch anime and much read manga. I never thought that they would be so good, but they absolutely are.

Anybody out there watch anime or read manga and have any suggestions? I am definitely open to all suggestions. To be honest I am super siked to hear some of the suggestions.

Oh… And if anybody else absolutely loves fullmetal Alchemist, please comment your favorite episode!! 🙂 Thanks!


So, two Saturdays ago I got hit by a baseball right off the bat. It bruised but that’s about it. That next Monday, I hit it ever so slightly off of the railing on the stairs at school. That was when the pain really started.

I couldn’t bend my wrist nor could I straighten or bend my arm. I went to the school nurse and they refused to do anything about it because it was an “outside of school” injury. I eventually went to get x-rays. Luckily, it wasn’t broken. It is a deep muscle/tissue bruising.

It hurts so badly, even today. Everyday since I hurt it, my dad tells me I am faking it and all this other good stuff. He even refuses to take me to the doctors for my follow up appointment. Ugh! I just wish the pain would go away.