The Attack of the can of Pineapple Juice…

Well, today I was sitting on the couch trying to ignore the bickering going on around me. My sister got up and asked if I would like a drink, since she was getting one for herself. I asked if she would get me a can of Pineapple juice. You know the cute little cans?


That cute little can of deliciousness attacked me. My sister came back into the room, and instead of handing me the can; she whipped the can at me. After realizing a can of pineapple juice was flying towards my face, the clumsy me attempted to catch it…
However, I missed and the can made pretty hard contact with my upper lip. I could instantly taste blood in my mouth and was terrified that a tooth was knocked out. Luckily, the blood was just from my tooth hitting my lip and from the gums around my teeth. To make it even better, I also have a fat lip…
Everyone laughed at me when the pineapple juice can attacked my face… However, I didn’t find it very funny then, it is kind of amusing to answer the question “what did you do to your lip?” with “I was attacked by a can of pineapple juice…”

Hope this was as amusing to you guys as it was to my family as it happened….


Senior Year

     Yesterday I got my senior pictures taken by one of my favorite teachers. I was so excited to finally get them done. Then the realization hit me. I am going to be a senior this year. This is my final year of highschool. This is crazy! Time flies when you’re least expecting it too!
     Twelfth grade is the time of your life where you make decisions that affect the rest of your life. What college you want to go to. What you want to go to college for. It’s the most stress one has to feel until they get older.
      Luckily, I know what I want to be, and I am pretty sure that I know what college I want to go to. All I have to worry about is getting accepted into the college that I want to go to. I’m going to be beginning to apply for colleges very soon.

Does anyone know any colleges that have a really good marine biology programs as well as a good study abroad program? Any suggests would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Realizing Everything is Going Wrong

Have you ever realized how in just a few weeks people can disappear out of your life? How things can change dramatically? Wanting everything to rewind just isn’t working.
My last post was a happy one at the beach right? No fighting. I was happy.

Yeah, well that has crashed down real quick… My parents now scream at each other as they walk through the door, scream at each other when a phone goes off, and even scream at each other because they’re screaming at each other. Like can you not?!?
They yell at my sister and I for our little arguments that we have, but haven’t they realized maybe that’s all we know. Because that is all they do?.
My moms best friend is like a mom to me. She is my best friend and is always there for me. Now she isn’t allowed at my house, and I’m not supposed to talk to her. Well that’s a heck of a change. How am I supposed to go from telling everything to someone to never seeing them or talking to them again?
I believe it’s finally time to start disagreeing with my parents. Something has got to change here. There’s obviously something wrong, and they are punishing everyone else for it instead of themselves.
Is it really that hard to stop drinking? Is it really that hard to stop fighting? Is it really that hard to understand me?

Comment if you can relate.

Simple things

Okay everybody has those little things in life where they just can’t stand them. I thought I would share them with you to see if you get as much humor out of them as my family does. Here is my list.

1). Dryer lint… I can’t stand that stuff… I don’t know if it is a texture thing or what, but it just straight up freaks me out! My parents enjoy chasing me around the house with it. Today I found some put in every pocket of my wallet!!! Every pocket!!!! Not nice!

2). And 3). They are kind of the same thing. Sand paper and nail files. I can’t stand the feeling or the sound they make. Just gives me the chills! One day we were out to eat at a Chinese restaurant and this guy was giving out nail files trying to get people to vote him for something. My parents decide to throw them at me! I was wearing a silky shirt! I start freaking out in the middle of the restaurant and everybody was staring. My parents just laugh. Eww!

4). Spiders! The sight of them literally make me cry! I just can’t be anywhere near them. My almost boyfriend (cute boy from a previous post) enjoys chasing me with them until he corners me with them then throws them somewhere, hugs me and says “I’ll protect you.” It was funny the first time now it freaks me out like no tomorrow!

So what are some unique things you just can’t stand? Or am I the only one who fears simple things like this? Hope you had some good laughs out of this!

Daily Post: Last Lie

Okay, the last lie I told is a pretty major one. And it’s not all a lie all in the same. It was told this morning, but happened last night…

I injured my knee pretty badly. No breaks or anything (that I know of… Didn’t go to the doctors), but it is swollen. I was in the kitchen and was walking towards the table. I fell (due to my knee giving out) and hit the leg of the table with my knee.

This caused the leg of the table to split. With out me knowing it split, I used my hand to help myself up by putting pressure on the top. I stood up and leaned against the table (did not sit on it!!) and the top part broke.! Not a good day.

I wake up this morning to my mom freaking out on me without giving me time to explain what happen. The lie comes in when I did not tell her I leaned on it because she will count that as sitting on it…

I feel terrible, but I hurt my knee worse and it doesn’t even seem like she cares. Shouldn’t she be worried my knee is swollen and has been giving out more often as the days go on? I need a doctors appointment like now.

Well… That’s my most recent lie. And I feel terrible… But everyone lies ever now and again right?

Daily Post: Mirror, Morror on the Wall

I always check out the daily posts. None of them usually put a spark in my mind until today. Pretend my blog was a mirror… What does the name of my blog, my posts, and bio all say about me. Now that is something I can write about.

I will start off with my blog name seeing as how that is how the whole blog started. The name Maybesomeday. I guess this name is just to show that maybe someday everything will be the way it once was. Maybe someday someone will be there to listen to what I have to say. Maybe someday we will be free of the trap that keeps dragging us back into torture. I am not sure of when this day will be, but I do know that it will happen someday. I recently saw this little message on my pastors wall…

“Whatever God brings you to, He will give you the strength to get through it.”

That makes me completely sure that soon I will be through the torturous events that I now just excuse as “I am used to it.”

Next my posts and my bio: I guess at first my posts were to vent. I would blog when I was angry because venting makes everyone feel better. Now I just blog what comes to mind. I guess I do it because the one person I could talk to about all of the trouble my father puts us through isn’t as trust worthy as I once thought. She was actually telling my parents everything I said, which led to being grounded a lot for “hanging out dirty laundry.” A statement my mother makes a lot. I then found another person, but now that they are in the trap as well… There’s no use. My next option was my pastor, but sometimes I just feel if I say too much she might try to do something about it, and I am not ready for that yet. I am afraid I would ,yet again, get in trouble. Being able to tell whoever, whenever by just blogging makes me feel so much better on the inside. Getting replies on how people feel similar or how what I do is correct, just makes me feel like I have finally made the correct choice. Blogging.

Open letter time

Saw this today, so I’m going to give it a try…

Dear Alcohol,
In my opinion you should have never ever been created. Do you know how many lives you have destroyed? Not only in deaths, but in memories and future thoughts. Why are you such a bad thing when people just want to have fun?

My father is addicted to you. Mr. Alcohol you stole the father I once knew right from my hands. I used to be his baby girl. The one he loved and cared about. Now I am not a match for you, alcohol.

No matter what good I do… Good grades, nhs, nhshss, and so much more, I still can’t please the man who used to be my father.

You ruined my parents relationship… They used to love each other so much. Now the only love they have is the fighting they do on a daily basis. You make my father someone he is not! You make him angry all the time. You make him not love his own family all because he is in love with you!

Lets just get this straight… I will never, ever trust you Mr. Alcohol. You are nothing to me. Just a bunch of trash in a bottle. You don’t even deserve to exist. I think life would be a better place if you didn’t exist personally…

That’s all I have to say for now… Think about what I said and maybe someday you can release my father from your trap, so I can have the man I knew best back.

Me 🙂