Boy Scouts Camp Weekend

This weekend was the best weekend I have had in a really long time. My friend’s dad is a Boy Scout leader, so she invited me to go to camp with them.

Friday around ten, she picked me up to wait at her house for the Boy Scouts to arrive. As the boys started to arrive, we started playing porch beach ball… Thats when i noticed this one boy. Dang was he cute. Most cute guys would never like me, so i figured this would just be another crush. Since guys were playing, it got violent quickly. We stopped the game not long after.

After double checking that everything was placed into the vehicles, we split into separate vehicles and started our two and a half hour journey to New York. The road was so bendy that if the Sheetz we stopped at was any farther than it was, I definitely would have gotten car sick.

When we finally arrived at camp, the senior patrol was making kids pass out by them holding their breathes then picking them up and squeezing their chests. It was scary but funny all at the same time.


Since my friend and I were technically not part of the group, we didn’t have to help set up. However, since we are nice people, we still did. The quicker it was set up, the sooner we could leave.

The cute kid decided to hang with my friend and I when we were walking around. He kept pushing me around and you could tell he was flirting… WITH ME!

By the end of the night we were up to holding hand status. When curfew came around, I couldn’t wait to get to sleep because the sooner I was asleep the faster morning was here. But of course the female leader that slept in our tent… Snored as loud as can be. No sleep for me, not cool.

The next day was when things got even better. That morning was the flag raising ceremony. It was boring but quick, so I quickly got to see him again. The events held that day were fun. I screamed at 105.4 decibels :). That made me happy.

Later that day I climbed 5 stories on a ladder, so I could repel off a wall. That was amazing. I even went on a jeep ride!

While on the jeep ride, the cute boy tells me that another member of his troop (a very rude member) had a bet that he could surprise kiss me by the end of the night… Eww!! I was frightened!

That whole day I was frightened. At night came the closing ceremony. It started with an award ceremony then the big match. A huge fire pit covered in oil started by a flame thrower!! Talk about awesome!



After the fire… Was a terrible band. They only did covers and knew nothing we requested. My friend ditched me, so i was left with the bet boy and cute boy. Well cute boy decided to leave real quick, and bet boy took his chance at kissing me… THANK GOSH I SAW IT COMING! I turned my head quickly and he said “is that a no then?” And I said “umm… Yeah. Sorry I don’t like you that way.” Now he gets jealous when I hang with cute boy. However, as a reward, I got a kiss for cute boy!!

Well long story short cute boy, myself and my friend got in trouble for breaking curfew. Then the next morning (today). I finally had to say good bye to cute boy. Now this isn’t going to end as a weekend fling like you might think, but I’m not sure what people will think…

I’m sixteen… He’s thirteen will be fourteen very soon… All my friends approve. I think I might actually go out with him. Best weekend ever.

Hope you enjoyed this post!