Have you ever read a certain book then realized how closely it matches your life as you know it? Well right now I am reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. Amazing book by the way. Definitely recommend :).

This Kevin guy reminds me of my father. There are certain reasons that I am just not going to say because I just don’t feel comfortable enough to say them online, but the comparison is so close it’s scary…

Then Erin/Katie reminds me of myself… Not saying I am you know with my father… Because that is just gross… But the way her parents were is just like how my father is. Which is why I believe she married Kevin in the first place… I, hopefully, will not turn out to have the same fate.

It’s so weird how books and music can perfectly remind you of how you feel, or what is going on in life.

Well it’s late… Or early… Depending on how you look at it, so I am off to bed :). Night everyone!