Lenten Services Wrapped all into One Night…

Yesterday, March 6, was my Youth Group’s overnighter/time of fasting. I look forward to this even every year, and it definitely wasn’t a let down this year!
I was slightly worried when my pastor announced that she wasn’t going to set up rotation centers like she has in the past. Plus a lot of the youth said they weren’t going this year. However, this year was probably one of the best!
Instead of rotations, we had five mini-services throughout the night. We had a service for Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and of course Easter Sunday.

Ash Wednesday Service: My pastor reenacted an Ash Wednesday service, and she even rubbed the ashes on our foreheads. This was an awesome experience, especially since I have never attended an Ash Wednesday service before.

Palm Sunday Service: We drew our hand on a piece of paper, and inside of our hand we wrote our confessions. On another piece of paper we wrote our prayer concerns. While listening to scripture, we shredded the paper with our hands on it, and we lied the paper with our prayer requests on the alter. Another touching time.

Maundy Thursday Service: For this service we listened to more scripture, and then we washed each other’s feet. Some in my youth group didn’t take this very serious; however, I enjoyed the symbolic nature of this service.

Good Friday Service: Before this service, my pastor marked out 15 pieces of scripture and set out 15 “stations of the cross” pictures. Each member of the youth was assigned a number, so we could hear the story from different voices.

Easter Sunday: This service was actually this morning. When we all woke up and had everything situated for the day, we had an Easter service. There were candles lit and we even had communion. A great service all in all. A great way to end our fast as well.

The services along with the ping pong tournament, we didn’t really have time to be hungry. We played ping pong for hours on end. I don’t think anyone even thought about sleep until midnight, but we were all up by eight this morning.
When we got up, we had a surprise visiter. A baby! She was absolutely adorable. I got to hold her and keep her occupied for most of the morning.

I am incredibly sad that this is my last year in youth group because that was also my last overnighter with the youth. A great way to have a last overnighter!


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