Teachers or Angels

As most of you know, I am a senior this year. (Crazy, I know!). Throughout my entire school life, I have never disliked a teacher. This year is the same way. However, I have become extremely close with three specific teachers this year due to a problem at home that they all care so much about.

Boy, am I glad that these three teachers care so much about me!

First is my Upward Bound advisor/Previous Chemistry teacher. I have known her since 9th grade, and have felt pretty close to her ever since. I look up to her as a mother figure. I go to her room everyday before first period, during my lunch, and again after school. I can seriously tell her anything, and she gives the best advice ever. We now even have our own inside jokes… Iron snails and being on the football team! I definitely tell her more than I do anyone else.

Second, my precious History teacher/my sociology teacher. She is just absolutely amazing! She noticed I wasn’t being the me she remembers and then from then on has listened to my complaining. She has given me random challenges to make me feel better.

Third, My elementary school librarian/another mom. I have been a library helped for a while now. One day I mentioned that I haven’t cried yet today… Then I slowly began talking to her as well. Now I always feel like I am a pain in the butt to her because I go to her room during any free period, after school, even on inservice days. She has been a big help as well. She also gives great advice. She also talks me out of some of the crazy things I am going to do.

Kids now a days have absolutely no respect for teachers, but I thank these teachers on a daily basis. Without them, I do not know how I would make it through a school day. I can go to any one of them and just sit in their rooms and they don’t mind. Even when I feel like I am being a pain in the butt, they assure me I am always welcome. :).

If I had to say so, teachers are angels sent to teach us, guide us, and comfort us. Therefore, if you are one who disrespects a teacher, please think again. They do more than you think.


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