Realizing Everything is Going Wrong

Have you ever realized how in just a few weeks people can disappear out of your life? How things can change dramatically? Wanting everything to rewind just isn’t working.
My last post was a happy one at the beach right? No fighting. I was happy.

Yeah, well that has crashed down real quick… My parents now scream at each other as they walk through the door, scream at each other when a phone goes off, and even scream at each other because they’re screaming at each other. Like can you not?!?
They yell at my sister and I for our little arguments that we have, but haven’t they realized maybe that’s all we know. Because that is all they do?.
My moms best friend is like a mom to me. She is my best friend and is always there for me. Now she isn’t allowed at my house, and I’m not supposed to talk to her. Well that’s a heck of a change. How am I supposed to go from telling everything to someone to never seeing them or talking to them again?
I believe it’s finally time to start disagreeing with my parents. Something has got to change here. There’s obviously something wrong, and they are punishing everyone else for it instead of themselves.
Is it really that hard to stop drinking? Is it really that hard to stop fighting? Is it really that hard to understand me?

Comment if you can relate.


2 thoughts on “Realizing Everything is Going Wrong

  1. I can sort of relate. Ever since my dad was arrested, my mom has had this feud with my dad’s side of the family. We weren’t allowed talking to or inviting them to any birthdays or anything else. It got to the point where my mom said that I couldn’t take my late grandfather’s picture into our new house because “it didn’t belong there” That grandfather came from my dad’s side. Finally, it took a 16 year old girl to finally put her foot down and say, “Mom, I AM inviting them to my sweet 16, and if you don’t like it, then you don’t have to celebrate with us.” So, in the end, my dad’s relatives did come, and, what do you know?, they were so grateful that I didn’t shut them out of my life. I knew then that I did the right thing. I agree with you that it might be time to stand up and tell your parents that what they are doing is wrong. Even if nothing happens at first, letting them know how negatively it’s affecting your family will at least make them a little uncomfortable with how they’re acting. Best of luck to you and if you need to talk some more you can message me on Facebook.

    • That is terrible. Luckily i do not like a majority of the family that I am no longer allowed to talk to. But my moms friend that I can no longer talk to kills me. And I am definitely going to start putting my foot down more and more. Thank you.

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