Saying Our Goodbyes (Last day of UB)

Today was a day filled with joy, sadness, and a quick feeling of missing all of the newly made friends. Today was the day that went by too fast for anyone to realize that it was really happening. Today was the last day of Upward Bound Summer Academy 2014.
I made so many new friends and memories while I attended this program. I knew that six weeks couldn’t last forever no matter how much I really wanted them too. As I gave out hugs to say goodbye, tears were instantly flowing down my face.
I find it amazing how in a group of close to if not 80 kids, one can be themselves and still be accepted by everyone. Nobody disliked another student. No one person was left out in a group. No one person didn’t make the exact same friends as another.
I am glad to be home in my own bed watching over my little sister, but I will definitely miss the support system I have found in my Upward Bound family. This was definitely a summer that I will never forget.


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