Scared like crazy!

So, I have the option to donate blood for the first time today! I really want to donate blood, but I hate needles. And I have my period… Does that affect anything, are they going to tell me that I can’t donate now?!

Am I going to pass out during or after donating? Ahh, I think I am way over thinking this whole thing. Someone talk me out of being so nervous please!


2 thoughts on “Scared like crazy!

  1. Hey, giving blood is no sweat! There is a little pinch when the needle goes in, but the pain is soon forgotten and in fact you might get bored waiting for all your blood drain out of you. Being on your period might effect things; i don’t know if they’ll turn you away. The first time i gave blood, i was fine until about two hours later then i felt faint, so just be careful. even if you feel fine after the donation, you should definitely relax for a while afterwards. Not trying to freak you out, but to be honest the fact that you have your period might make you more susceptible to fainting, but i’m not saying that you should be afraid or nervous or anything. I’ve volunteered to help my school’s blood drive and i’ve seen a lot of people get woozy and stuff. Just keep calm and relax, and you’ll be fine. I believe in you! And thanks so much for donating!

    • I donated!!!!! And I was completely fine with a slight headache but nothing major! I was so proud of my self. And even though I had my period my iron levels were actually good to go. Will definitely be donating again in the future. A great experience.

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