Upward Bound!

I am the type of girl that would rather stay on the couch at my house and watch Netflix than go out and meet new people. Always afraid of being hurt in the long run, rather than excited to make some life long friends. Being in the Upward Bound club at my school, all rising seniors are required to go this summer Program at Penn State. I immediately did not want to go. Hanging out with a bunch of people that I barely knew for six weeks, no thanks.

My mom finally convinced me to try it out, Maybe I would end up to like it in the end. Of course, once again, my mother was right! There is only one week left, and I do not want this to end. I have made so many new friends already. I also met a really nice boy that turned out to like me back, That’s right out of this whole experience, I even got a new boyfriend.

Classes four times a week, barely any sleep, and a bunch of people that I did not know none of this sounded fun too me. I was definitely proven wrong! I absolutely love it here. Today, I go home for the weekend and get to relax before coming back for the last week. The last week consists of college tours, a blood drive, and even a trip to Pittsburgh.

I am beyond proud of myself for getting my butt up off of the couch and trying something new for a change. I earned some great friends and even a great boyfriend from all the torturous events that we went through.

The next time that you have the option to meet with a large group of people for how ever long, Take it! You never know what might come from the experience no matter how torturous the experience may seem at first.



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