Public speaking

Let’s just get this straight… I am absolutely terrible! Okay… Maybe not absolutely terrible, but close to it.

This year I am taking a public speaking class. We have done a total of three speeches, and I have a 82%. Does that help picture how bad I am?

This past speech, which I did on Auschwitz, was recorded by my teacher an posted privately on YouTube. I just watched it and realized that I wasn’t actually as bad as I thought I was during that speech. I am hoping that knowing this will help boost my confidence for my future speeches.

Does anybody have any tips to help over come my fear? And is anybody interested in seeing the terrible video haha.? Random picture time!!! vvvvvvv



2 thoughts on “Public speaking

  1. I would just say, “Use your adrenaline” …

    Understanding that every one is usually afraid of talking publicly. It’s in our nature. When we are talking publicly, we start thinking about our image in front of others, what they will think, how I should say this or that. Then our adrenaline kicks in, faster heart beat, sweating .. which are the body reactions to fear, which in return makes us think, “damn, I am a mess already”.

    Instead, accept the fact that everyone have similar feelings before speaking publicly, the difference is how you handle those feelings. Watching yourself is a great feedback in itself. Use the extra concentration and energy you get with this adrenaline rush and don’t let it make you think that you are not doing well. You are doing great!

    – engage the audience. look them in the eye. look in different directions. start by looking at those who are nodding their head and smiling… those are always supportive. then work the rest of the crowd.

    – divide your speech into few main points and mention them all at first as a quick road map of what to expect. Then express why are you personally excited to talk about that. (let’s hope you genuinely are excited about it, lol )

    – ask for feedback after your speech. those who give only positive feedback, ask them ( how can I make it better next time? )

    – if something went wrong … you can make a joke about it, joking about oneself reflects confidence .. since you are saying that you are acknowledging what happened and you are not shying away from pointing it out.

    Hope that helps 🙂 and trust yourself. 84% means you did 84 things right and 16 things wrong …. you should be proud even if you still aim for more, which is healthy too 🙂

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