Simple things

Okay everybody has those little things in life where they just can’t stand them. I thought I would share them with you to see if you get as much humor out of them as my family does. Here is my list.

1). Dryer lint… I can’t stand that stuff… I don’t know if it is a texture thing or what, but it just straight up freaks me out! My parents enjoy chasing me around the house with it. Today I found some put in every pocket of my wallet!!! Every pocket!!!! Not nice!

2). And 3). They are kind of the same thing. Sand paper and nail files. I can’t stand the feeling or the sound they make. Just gives me the chills! One day we were out to eat at a Chinese restaurant and this guy was giving out nail files trying to get people to vote him for something. My parents decide to throw them at me! I was wearing a silky shirt! I start freaking out in the middle of the restaurant and everybody was staring. My parents just laugh. Eww!

4). Spiders! The sight of them literally make me cry! I just can’t be anywhere near them. My almost boyfriend (cute boy from a previous post) enjoys chasing me with them until he corners me with them then throws them somewhere, hugs me and says “I’ll protect you.” It was funny the first time now it freaks me out like no tomorrow!

So what are some unique things you just can’t stand? Or am I the only one who fears simple things like this? Hope you had some good laughs out of this!


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