Daily Post: Last Lie

Okay, the last lie I told is a pretty major one. And it’s not all a lie all in the same. It was told this morning, but happened last night…

I injured my knee pretty badly. No breaks or anything (that I know of… Didn’t go to the doctors), but it is swollen. I was in the kitchen and was walking towards the table. I fell (due to my knee giving out) and hit the leg of the table with my knee.

This caused the leg of the table to split. With out me knowing it split, I used my hand to help myself up by putting pressure on the top. I stood up and leaned against the table (did not sit on it!!) and the top part broke.! Not a good day.

I wake up this morning to my mom freaking out on me without giving me time to explain what happen. The lie comes in when I did not tell her I leaned on it because she will count that as sitting on it…

I feel terrible, but I hurt my knee worse and it doesn’t even seem like she cares. Shouldn’t she be worried my knee is swollen and has been giving out more often as the days go on? I need a doctors appointment like now.

Well… That’s my most recent lie. And I feel terrible… But everyone lies ever now and again right?


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