Okay, I absolutely love watching Long Island Medium. By far my favorite show on TLC. Theresa is a great person and my mom and I have always wanted to meet her.

So, I am sitting here during commercial break of a rerun of Long Island Medium writing this post. A random thought came to mind. If I met her, who would I want to come forward?

Well, I think the most important person I would want to come forward would be my Grammy Peggie. She was probably the best friend I have ever had. We were extremely close. I still talk to her everyday like she is still here.

If my gram didn’t come forward I would hope that either my Grandma Meace or my great Aunt Judy would come forward.

My Aunt Judy died of ALS when I was three. Before she passed away I would go down all the time and help take care of her. I was the only kid she allowed in the room with her. I would help bathe her, help change her diaper, and then we would play dolls together. I brought a doll and she had her own. We would switch dolls when we played.

I remember staring out the screen door as Judy was taken away in an ambulance. The was the last time I ever saw her. My gram gave me her doll because she said I was the only one she trusted with him.


This doll is my best friend. And I can tell him anything (and he won’t tell anybody else). I have had this doll for 13 years now. Just last march, my Gram Meace who gave me the doll passed away. That was hard.

I was in Sunday school when I received the text from my mom telling me that my gram passed away. Bawling while acalighting at church. It was hard. At the funeral, I took Johnathon (the baby doll) with me. It was really hard to go see her in the casket, so I said my goodbyes when the casket was closed.

So, if you had the chance with a medium, who would you want to come forward? It can be a hard question sometimes! Think hard :).


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