Help me!

Okay since I already posted something today I’m just going to ask this. There’s not many of you, but those who are following me I have some questions. Please answer honestly and give back any feedback.


1.) do you guys like what I write?

2.) what is it about my writing you guys like the most?

3.) what do you think I should change about my blog and why?

4.) is there something you would like me to try? I am up for any challenges!! :).

5.) which of my post do you guys like the most?

6.) pick something you want to know about me in general… It can be anything. Try to keep it clean.

Feel free to answer all the questions, some of the questions, or just one of the questions. Feedback is gratefully appreciated :).


Mustache :).!!!!


8 thoughts on “Help me!

  1. I like the things you write about because you write them from your heart.
    I don’t think you should change anything about your blog because the appearance, style and content of it encompasses your feelings and the thoughts that are swimming around in your mind at any given moment.
    I would like for you to try to write a post about the things you ARE grateful to have or have experienced in your life.
    Something I’d like to know about you is: What is the ONE thing about yourself – whether it’s something about your personality, your physical features or a talent that you have – that YOU value or are grateful to possess? 🙂

    • I think in all truth what inspired me to start blogging was to see if there was someone out there to listen. And even if there wasn’t I can still have fun by saying stuff that I need to get out. Now, it is much more to me though. I like blogging because its like letting others know anything and everything that you can. Plus you can allow others to see that they are not alone.

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