Daily Post: Mirror, Morror on the Wall

I always check out the daily posts. None of them usually put a spark in my mind until today. Pretend my blog was a mirror… What does the name of my blog, my posts, and bio all say about me. Now that is something I can write about.

I will start off with my blog name seeing as how that is how the whole blog started. The name Maybesomeday. I guess this name is just to show that maybe someday everything will be the way it once was. Maybe someday someone will be there to listen to what I have to say. Maybe someday we will be free of the trap that keeps dragging us back into torture. I am not sure of when this day will be, but I do know that it will happen someday. I recently saw this little message on my pastors wall…

“Whatever God brings you to, He will give you the strength to get through it.”

That makes me completely sure that soon I will be through the torturous events that I now just excuse as “I am used to it.”

Next my posts and my bio: I guess at first my posts were to vent. I would blog when I was angry because venting makes everyone feel better. Now I just blog what comes to mind. I guess I do it because the one person I could talk to about all of the trouble my father puts us through isn’t as trust worthy as I once thought. She was actually telling my parents everything I said, which led to being grounded a lot for “hanging out dirty laundry.” A statement my mother makes a lot. I then found another person, but now that they are in the trap as well… There’s no use. My next option was my pastor, but sometimes I just feel if I say too much she might try to do something about it, and I am not ready for that yet. I am afraid I would ,yet again, get in trouble. Being able to tell whoever, whenever by just blogging makes me feel so much better on the inside. Getting replies on how people feel similar or how what I do is correct, just makes me feel like I have finally made the correct choice. Blogging.


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