Limbo injury…

Okay so today I went to a Christian youth rally called Charged 2013. It was so much fun! I had a blast! I listened to a lot of great bands, and watched an awesome performance by dance flaggers.

For about two hours there was a spot left open for teenagers to come over and play a bunch of different games… Here’s how the games went for a friend of mine and myself… I hope this is as funny as it was for us in your eyes.

Golf ball and spoon relay: well no one dropped the golf ball (really thought I was going to a few times). My friend and I were incredibly slow which probably accounted for our teams not winning…

Sponge game: The object was the person in the front line had to put the sponge in the water then quickly pass it back to be squeezed out into the other bucket. The team with the most water in the other bucket at a certain time wins. We had all little kids and no one paying attention… Lets just say we didn’t win anything there either.

Sac race: A good ole sac race isn’t real until someone falls flat on their face. Thankfully it was not me this time! I am such a klutz. I swore it would be me. Well towards the end I dropped my sac so I just spread my legs and jumped quickly to trade spots with the next person in line. Definitely had to be an interesting sight for others… I know my friend surely enjoyed it.

Three legged race: My friend and I feared this race from the very beginning! We’re so uncoordinated it’s terrible. We actually came in second place!! We felt so accomplished. Got excited before realizing we were now tangled with each other due to the three legged race ties still being on… EMBARRASSING!!!

Spaghetti race: The point of this game was to along with your partner get as many sticks of raw spaghetti down to the other end where the plates are. The only trick is the spaghetti had to stay a whole stick in our mouths… The whole way to the plates. We came in third place due to the extreme amount of spaghetti we broke because of laughing… I accidentally choked her with a piece of spaghetti, so she got me back by stabbing my lip with a piece… PAINFUL!

The last games was…

Limbo!!: I just recently got over a pulled muscle in my back.. I decided I should be healed enough to do limbo. It starts out high enough to just walk under it a few times while slowly getting lower. My only worry was my boobs hitting the bar and getting me out… A few times various parts of my back cracked, but it felt good. More and more people were getting out, including my friend, so I felt good about my new found pro limbo skills haha. Well the bar was quite low by now, and I was still making it. Until I heard a pop in my back… I don’t think that is a good sound. Lets just say I continued playing until there were four of us and I couldn’t do the pain in my back any longer.

Over all I had a great night! Now I’m laying in bed realizing how much pain I really am in… Maybe I should have stopped before I heard the pop in my back, but then I wouldn’t have realized my limbo pro skills :).


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