A very lazy day…

Have any of you ever watched under the dome? If you haven’t then you haven’t lived!!! Sit down right now, get online, and find them!

Today I decided to have an Under the Dome marathon. Stephen king makes amazing books. Then when the books are turned into movies… Life gets better :).

I never changed from my pajamas. I just lied in bed, went to my DVR and watched three hours of Under the Dome! Ate some prison cookies (my mom works in the prison commissary). Drank some water (not exciting I know, but I have weight to lose haha).

Then my parents get home and I get to listen to how lazy I am and how messy my room is and all that good stuff… Now I have a list of chores that I have to do tomorrow… YAY! Not.

Don’t they understand that it’s summer. I’m going to sleep in, enjoy the sun if I can, and sit in front of the TV! School starts in 20 days!! Let me relax :).


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