Worst memory

Worst memory:

Okay so this is going to he hard for me to write, but it has to be ten minutes of non-stop writing. Here we go.

I walk out of my room after hearing my father yell my name… I look up at him and see that he looks upset. “Whats wrong daddy?” I ask in a little girl voice. A voice I long ago lost.

“My mom died kiddo” were his exact words. I was little and didnt think this could ever happen. There was no way. My Grammy Peggie couldn’t be gone. She was just supposed to be getting surgery. This couldn’t possibly be happening.

I sat on the couch confused as ever, letting tears flow down my face. Not even minutes later my moms car came racing down our driveway. She slammed her car door and came running into the house.

Her eyes were puffy and red, and this is when I finally understood that my Grammy, my best friend, my trust in a person… Was all gone. I ran to my mother and didnt want to stop hugging her ever…

Not sure how long after, but all of us grand kids were skipping a day of school to go down to see my grandmother for her funeral. We were telling our favorite memories on the car ride down.

Not even half way there my dad’s cell phone rang… My grams new husband was on the other side. He was just calling to say we were not welcome at the funeral. We pulled over along side the road allowing the tears to flow before turning around and heading home.

There was fighting going on, on the phones, and all us kids knew was we would never see our grandmother ever, ever, ever again. Our memories would slowly fade to stories. Our stories would be all we had. Pictures become your best friend.

It’s been eight years since I have heard this news. It’s been a long, hard eight years. I know that you are no longer in pain Grammy we miss you tons. We can’t wait to see you again someday soon. Just not soon enough. Love you Grammy Peggie!!


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