The worst headaches!

Don’t you just hate when you wake up to a throbbing head. It allows you to know what to look forward to throughout the day. Of course, it’s usually nothing good.

It will gradually get worse and worse, and worse until you can’t take it anymore. You never want to do anything except lay down. Sleep sounds like the best option, but normally it isn’t an easily accomplished one.

I seem to be getting them a lot lately. It probably doesn’t help that I quit taking my medicine, but technically it never worked anyway. I think all medicine is the placebo affect, so whats the point in taking it? Exactly!

When the headache finally goes away you feel like your on top of the world… (Did the song pop into your head? No, just mine… Okay.) Why can’t we just feel that way with out the pain first? I guess we go through pain just to make us stronger. No pain no gain right?


2 thoughts on “The worst headaches!

  1. I totally know what you mean. I always feel amazing, post-illness. Like I’m invincible. Like I could take on the world! But then I wake up the next day, with no illness and don’t feel like taking on the world. I just feel like getting on with my day and going to work.

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