Too much blood.!…

Before anyone jumps to conclusions I just want to get this out of the way by saying… No I did not try to commit suicide. I did not kill anyone. I’m not like that.
Now what happen was… There’s two little girls from my church who invited me down to play. One is four and the other is two. Of course, I couldn’t say no.
After playing around in the yard and in the sandbox they decide they want to jump on the trampoline to get the sand off of themselves. They were doing little dances and jumping around having fun. All off a sudden the four year old hits her head off of her little sisters. At first she seemed okay until large amounts of blood began pouring out of her mouth.
My first reaction was to pick both the four year old and the two year old up and run into their house. As soon as we got in the house, I let them down, and the four year old starts screaming for her mom. Frightened as I was, I also started looking for her mom. After explaining what happened, her mom decides the best idea is a trip to the er.
Still waiting for the call to make sure everything is okay. Scared out of my mind.
It doesn’t help that I went to hold my one rabbit and it completely freaked out… I now have scratches all up and down my arms. Luckily there was barely any blood.

Not sure I can deal with anymore blood for a long time!!


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