Today was actually a good day!!! Can you believe it!!! I can’t. I am afraid for what tomorrow is going to bring. I’m supposed to go to the fair. I better still be going :).
Well I worked from 8-2:30. I get paid really well. And my boss is my pastor so work is never boring. How great is that? It’s like a dream job!
I get home and there’s no fighting! Well bad news is I guess my aunt and uncle are getting a divorce… I feel bad for my cousins. They don’t deserve it at all.
I didn’t hear from my boyfriend at all except for like five minutes. Obviously he is mad at me for something… I have no Idea why but oh we’ll. Not my problem.
Hopefully fair tomorrow…

Is it odd for your hands to go randomly numb? Mine tend to do that a lot… Hmm…


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