Another terrible day..

Okay so this morning I woke up and couldn’t stand without feeling nauseous… It was terrible. I even slept until 11:50 this morning!!! To make it all better I think it’s almost that time of the monthif you know what I mean…I cried a gazillion times over nothing…

After sitting around letting the day waste away, we finally decided to take my mom out for a birthday dinner. The meal was great. Then we go to pay, and my dads check card was expired… My mom went and got her wallet to pay. The first card she tried was denied. The second one finally went through… Talk about embarrassing!!!!
Then we are in the car riding home and my boyfriend texted me he is lying in bed dying!!! I start freaking out thinking that something bad was happening. He said his eyes were rolling in the back of his head, he was coughing foam, and he had a headache… Isn’t that the sign of a seizure??? Well if it was he locked himself in his room so nobody knew about it… Still freaking out as I type this.
Now he’s trying to talk to me like nothing just happened. I think that’s worse than fighting and then texting like nothing just happened… He irritates me so badly sometimes!!! Ahhh.


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