An overview of it all…

Okay… So I’m not going to make a huge blog telling you about how terrible my life is (unless of course that’s what you want because everybody has some terrible moments right?).
Eight years ago my best friend or my Great Grandmother passed away. That started a butterfly affect from there. When she passed away my dad changed completely… He started drinking more and more until it was an everyday habit.
Needless to say my dad and I do not get a long anymore. There’s nothing to get a long with. All he cares about is his alcohol. He doesn’t even claim my sister and I as his most of the time. Sometimes I’m not sure I would claim us either though. We don’t make life easy for him, but when is life easy?

My parents fight a lot now that my dad drinks everyday. It’s not easy only being sixteen and feeling like the whole world had turned against you.

My mom says the only reason she is still with him is because of us kids. She thinks that all kids deserve both a mother and a father if it is possible ( her parents split and then her dad died when she was 13). Knowing that’s the only reason she stays makes it feel like its my fault… Is that stupid?
Anyway if any one out there reading this right now can relate feel free to watch as the blog begins. I would love all the feedback to know at least somebody out there understands.


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